DDBersidad 2019 Christmas Party!

DDB Group Philippines surely ended the year with a bang!

With its University themed Groupwide holiday party, the DDB teams showed what they got with their respective production numbers to make the year-end party definitely one for the books.

DBBersidad teams indeed rocked their respective “University roles”:

  • DDB PHL as the Student Council
  • Optimax and Agile as the Mathletes Resident Geeks
  • Touch XDA as the School’s Cool Kids
  • DDB MNL as the Sports Jocks and Cheerleaders
  • DDB Central and Bent & Buzz as the Theater Kids
  • Tribal as the Rakistas
  • HR and IT as the Boy & Girl Scouts
  • Ripple 8 as the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC)

Food and booze were aplenty as is the norm in any DDB party.

And of course, it was a time to recognize our Loyalty Awardees, Rookies of the Year, Most Valuable Employees, Bernbach Awardees, and the Chairman’s Choice Award.

Last but not the least, a DDB party will not be complete without the raffle prizes especially the iconic Lottong Makaw.

What a way to end a very productive and successful year for the DDB Group of companies!

Cheers! Merry Christmas, everyone!!!