About Us

Incorporated in 1992, DDB Group Philippines is the country’s first integrated marketing communications and services network that provides total business solutions to client partners.

In close to three decades, DDB Group PHL has grown into a full-service communications group composed of award-winning advertising, digital, media, activations, PR and other specialist agencies.

We comprise three agency networks – DDB PHL, DDB MNL, Tribal Worldwide; three specialist agencies – Ripple8, Agile Intelligence, Bent and Buzz; and seven strategic business units – Touch XDA, Optimax, Beyond, Field Outsource Asia, Philippine Movers, Strawberry Jam Creative Services Inc., and The Bernbach School.

Adhering to the philosophy that creativity is the most powerful force in business, DDB Group PHL has made a mark in local and international markets by creating cutting-edge solutions for a diverse portfolio of local and multinational clients that include some of the biggest names in the corporate world.

Operating in five cities and represented in seven other locations nationwide, our comprehensive nationwide operations are complemented by over 300 permanent employees and 3,000 project-based ones.

We are part of DDB Worldwide Communications Group, known globally as DDB, one of the world’s largest and most influential advertising and marketing networks. DDB consists of more than 200 offices in over 90 countries with its flagship office in New York. It is one of the major agency networks under the Omnicon Group, a global media, marketing and corporate communications holding company, also headquartered in New York City.

Our Tools

Name it and we have it! We build your brand’s equity and help you achieve your marketing objectives through the following tools: Advertising, Creative Business Solutions, Digital Strategies, Public Relations, Events and Activations, Media Planning & Buying for ATL and Digital, Advocacy, Content, Strategy, Consumer Insights, Social Media, Share of Voice, Crisis Management, Promo Merchandising, Creative Design, Training, Manpower and Printing.


In 1958, Antonio de Joya, known as the “dean” of Philippine Advertising in what was then a young and thriving industry, formed a company called Advertising Marketing Associates (AMA), the forerunner of DDB Group Philippines.

AMA became the biggest Filipino agency of its time and one of the top five ad agencies in an industry  then dominated by foreigners. Its legendary partnership with Nestle created some of the most iconic advertisements ever created. Ahead of its time, AMA was rightfully the first integrated communications agency in the Philippines.

Fusion of local and global leaders

In 1993, AMA became DDB Group Philippines after a groundbreaking partnership with DDB Worldwide, a US based company founded in 1949 by Bill Bernbach, known as “The Father of Modern Advertising,” and his associates, Ned Doyle and Maxwell Dane. They were a global influence, revolutionizing the advertising industry with a fresh approach where insight into human nature, respect for the consumer, and the power of creativity are of paramount value.

From De Joya and Bernbach to its current Chairman & CEO Gil Chua and present generation of leaders,  DDB Group PH continues to uphold its heritage and philosophy that make it what it is today – the country’s largest and most recognized integrated marketing communications and business solutions provider.

Our People

DDB Group Philippines’ PEOPLE FIRST approach is in step with its unique culture and rooted in its core values of creativity and humanity to drive business. Emanating from Harvard Business School, this methodology has been known as The Service Profit Chain. It mirrors the DDB operational philosophy of PEOPLE, PRODUCT, PROFIT, where leadership places a consuming focus on its people (humanity), so that the most influential output (creativity), and sustainable profit, inevitably follows.

Through its “People First” strategy, DDB Group offers talents strategic training programs and better prospects for equal opportunity and growth to ensure that employees are engaged and skilled up, which in turn ensures that the quality of service they provide are at par with, if not exceeds, clients’ requirements and expectations. Throughout the decades, these have channelled the types of individuals who embody creativity and humanity, perpetuating the company’s unique culture, and enabling the group to become profitable and thus capable of rewarding its people.