DDB Group Philippines’ creative forces behind AFFI’s ‘BUYanihan’ campaign

The country’s micro, small, and mid-sized enterprises (MSMEs) have been directly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, suffering big losses as they ceased operations during the lockdowns, and even now have to follow varying community quarantine restrictions nationwide.

To help rescue these MSMEs, the Association of Filipino Franchisers Inc. (AFFI) spearheaded a campaign that rallies consumers to patronize goods and services offered by these enterprises. Named ”BUYanihan,” a portmanteau of “buy” and “bayanihan,” the campaign aims to boost MSMEs’ commercial viability once again by invoking the ancient Filipino tradition of helping one another.

“The idea behind BUYanihan is for the community to come together for a common goal, that is, to save small businesses. Through this campaign, we aim to get consumers and other stakeholders to help MSMEs preserve their livelihood,” said AFFI President Jorge Wieneke.

One of the country’s leading integrated marketing communication groups, DDB Group Philippines provided creative and communication expertise in this initiative from its conceptualization and planning, to its execution and launch.

DDB Group Philippines Chairman & CEO Gil G. Chua said that the group, its PR solutions company Ripple8, digital agency Tribal Worldwide Phils., and content firm Bent & Buzz, are glad to be part of the BUYanihan campaign, providing their talents pro bono.

“This is one of the reasons why our businesses exist – to be able to use our God-given talents to do good. We encourage everyone to further do their share by buying Filipino made products especially from the small businesses that have been hit hardest by the pandemic,” said Chua.

DDB Group Philippines Culture Chief and Bent & Buzz Managing Director Anna Chua-Norbert recounted how, a few months ago, AFFI president Wieneke approached DDB Group, and shed light on the sad plight of MSMEs during this crisis.

“Right there and then, we just knew we needed to do something,” Chua-Norbert said. “The campaign to help MSMEs speaks of how being in the business of kindness is crucial now more than ever, and amidst everything that has happened, I pray that Filipinos will always remember to have hope. Hanggang may buhay… pwede pang mangarap (As long as we live, we can still dream).“

This message of hope is reflected in one of the highlights of the campaign – the “Pwede Pang Mangarap” music video (MV) produced by Unitel/Straight Shooters with song performance by Gary Valenciano. The song lyrics was written by DDB/Bent & Buzz’s Kats Pador. Like DDB and Unitel, Manila Genesis Entertainment & Management provided their artist’s (Valenciano’s) performance for free.

Under the leadership of AFFI, the BUYanihan campaign is supported by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), and is in cooperation with the Philippine Marketing Association and the Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA). Various stakeholders have joined BUYanihan as well.

Support Filipino MSMEs. Support BUYanihan. Visit https://buyanihan.shop.