DDB PH Talks now on Spotify

In June 2020, DDB Group Philippines’ The Culture Hub launched TBS ON, the new normal version of The Bernbach School, our exclusive learning hub run by our Group Chief Development Officer Craig Lonnee.

TBS ON program consists of a webinar series led by Lonnee, as well as think pieces with audio versions also written and recorded by Lonnee.

Five months later, the TBS ON content is now on Spotify under the newly created DDB PH Talks channel, which contains the audio versions of Lonnee’s think pieces for a larger audience to enjoy. Check out DDB PH Talks channel on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/4G0gNWlPVbfFSDqSkUuxBK.

The think pieces, inspired by the legendary memos of DDB Worldwide Chairman Emeritus Keith Reinhard, aim to inculcate fundamental management and leadership principles while encouraging us all to strive towards being even better and inspiring managers.

Like the brick-and-mortar TBS programs, TBS ON encourages our people to strive towards being even better employees and inspiring managers, who naturally communicate obsessively, and through heightened awareness of fundamental management and leadership principles, drive noteworthy growth across the Group.