Townhall with DDB’s global chief executive Wendy Clark

DDB Group Philippines’ townhall yesterday would probably go down in history as one of our most memorable meetings. After all, it’s not every day that the office gets to be visited by DDB Worldwide CEO Wendy Clark, who was in the Philippines for a short trip.

During the townhall, our global chief executive gamely answered questions from employees about the DDB network, the global industry, and her personal life. Awarded across the marketing communications industry for her contributions to businesses and people, including championing diversity, Wendy imparted valuable lessons on leadership and how to truly contribute to clients’ business growth, that is, by bringing out their brands’ emotional advantage through creativity.

The townhall guesting is part of Wendy’s jampacked itinerary that included her DigiCon speaking engagement and presscon in the morning, a luncheon with DDB Group Philippines’ executives and clients, and a visit to the Philippines office that lasted till evening.